Earth is so vast, how is it possible to precisely locate one place among so many possible places? Yes, it is possible by knowing the latitude longitude coordinates of that place.

What is latitude and longitude?

Parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude form an invisible grid over the surface of the earth:

Latitude longitude grid

Latitude are the "horizontal" lines and longitude are the "vertical" lines:

Latitude longitude lines

The interception of a latitude line and a longitude line allow us to precisely pinpoint and locate any specific place.


Lines of latitude are also known as parallels. They circle the globe following a West to East direction. These lines are apart always by the same distance.

The equator is the 0º latitude. The north hemisphere is divided from 0º to 90º (or 0º to N90º). The south hemisphere is divided from 0º to -90º (or 0º to S90º):


The distance between degree lines is about 69 miles (or about 110 Km). This distance can be further divided in 60 minutes ('), and each minute can be divided in 60 seconds (''):

latitude degree minutes


Lines of longitude follow a North-South direction. They are called meridians of longitude. Unlike latitude the lines of longitude do not have the same distance from each other. Meridians intercept in north pole and south pole.

The line of 0º is the prime meridian (it can also be called meridian of Greenwich, because it passes at Greenwich, in England). To east the earth is divided from 0º to 180º (or 0º to E180º). To west the earth is divided from 0º to -180º (or 0º to W180º):


How to get latitude and longitude coordinates of a place

All you have to do is to click on the place you want. When you click on the map, a marker is set in that location and the coordinates are shown right below the map.

Three formats are shown (each line for each format). For instance, latitude and longitude of Washington city is:

All the three formats correspond to the same location.

How to find a place from latitude and longitude

Now imagine that someone gave you the coordinates of a place, but you don't know where it is. Click on the "Edit coordinates" button. Then choose the line that correspond to the format that you have and fill in the values. After that click on "Go" and the marker will show you where that place is.

How to convert latitude and longitude

If someone gave you latitude and longitude coordinates in one format, but you need it in another format (for example if you need to insert it in a GPS device) you can go to "Edit coordinates", fill in with the values that you have, then press "Go" and those coordinates are instantaneously converted to the other two formats.

Note: After you press the "Go" button the coordinates become blocked. This is to make sure that the marker keeps its position allowing you to zoom in and out, pan, etc. To unblock just uncheck the checkbox "Block coordinates".


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