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This is a free latitude and longitude finder for you to locate known latitude longitude coordinates, or to find the coordinates of a specific location that you can pinpoint on a map. You can also convert between different coordinate formats. This is an online tool that you can use freely whereever you are.

Latitude-Longitude.NET is a tool designed to be easy to use. Coordinates of latitude and longitude are everywhere in our modern world. GPS devices are widespread and use these parameters for these navigation devices to work.

To find latitude and longitude of a location, just click on that location on the map and you will get GPS coordinates in three different formats. As an alternative, instead of zooming in to find a specific location, you can also insert a city in the search box to go to that location faster. If you have the coordinates and you need to see where it is, just go to "Edit coordinates" and fill the fields of one line, press "Go" and the location will be marked on the map. Enjoy!

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